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Beautifully curated Scoopable Melt Gift Set. Designed for the discerning scent lover, this set is the perfect way to embrace the art of home fragrance.


What’s Included:

  • Elegant Mini Burner: Ceramic burner features a modern leaf cut-out design, providing a serene glow and distributing your chosen scent evenly throughout the room.

  • Choice of Scoopable Melt: Selecting from our range of handcrafted scoopable melts. 

  • Tea Light Candle: To get you started, we include a tea light candle, ensuring a clean and even burn for your scoopable melt.

  • Charming Mini Pallet Presentation: Each gift set is displayed on a mini wooden pallet, adding a touch of rustic charm and making it ready to gift.

  • Reusable Burlap Bag: Packaged in an eco-friendly burlap bag, this set not only offers a delightful unboxing experience but also reflects our commitment to sustainability.


Only 1 left in stock
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