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Reviving & Refined (like a British tradition)


The journey begins with the striking monochrome of black and white tiles, leading you to the anticipation of a black door. Upon opening, the enchanting gleam of a golden chandelier, mirrored reflections, and a welcoming side table greet you. This is the overture to the olfactory symphony, filled with invigorating bursts of Bergamot and Lemon, notes distinct to the comforting familiarity of Earl Grey Tea.


Moving deeper into the townhouse, the scentscape unfolds. Delicate floral tones of Jasmine and Angelica, mingle with an undercurrent of Soft Florals. The experience closes with a resonating harmony of Musk, Amber, Cedar, and Soft Woods. A scent narrative that seamlessly blends reviving freshness with refined British tradition, truly encapsulates the essence of a timeless homecoming.


Details of your lasting experience:

  • Package Content: 10 cones
  • Burning time: One hour (each)
  • Packaging: Resealable Kraft Bag


Directions: Place cone in the holder (sold separately). Light the tip of the cone using a match or a lighter then blow out the flame after about 10-15 seconds. The cone will then burn for around one hour.


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