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Travelling around the world with hand picked scents, is a unique way to explore the globe from the comfort of your home and experience different cultures. From the fresh mountain air of the Swiss Alps to the salty sea breeze of the UK coast, each destination has its own story.


By taking in the smells of each destination, you are not only burning a candle, but creating a sensory journey of exploration. The scents of each destination can tell a story about the culture, history, and people that live there.


Every creation has its own unique smell – from the fruity aroma of the streets in Seville to the most beautiful and popular beaches in Brazil.  Travelling around the world with scents is also a great way to create lasting memories of a place.


If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the world, why not try travelling around the world with us? You’ll be able to experience each destination in a whole new way and create lasting memories.

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