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Who are we?

Based in the picturesque Benenden - Kent, Candle Wise is an award-winning family-run entity that stands proud on its traditions while constantly evolving with the times. Our candles are more than just an amalgamation of ingredients. They're a blend of creativity, tradition, and modernity.

Candle Wise, established in 2022, has its roots in a deep passion for candle crafting that began in 2021. Under Bella's dedicated guidance, significant advancements were made, culminating in products that have been acclaimed for surpassing well-known brands in quality.

“Candles, some people can make it, candles like ours only at CANDLE WISE

Bella Candle Wise
Benenden Kent

What we do?

Unique creations! We don’t go for what can be found in shops or by other candle makers.



All products are handmade, creative, made in small batches, to ensure high quality. Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, using carefully sourced ingredients from UK producers.



On top of not using plastic, every part of our creations can be re-used and repurposed, including our tag printed in a seeded paper (included on the classic). We don’t just make ordinary candles, but we create a whole experience, where our customers can travel around the world with the specially picked fragrances.

How do we do?

It's a business secret, but we can assure the high quality of our products. 


Every piece is one in a kind and every creation has a story behind .

When you purchasing one of our products, you are not only buying an ordinary product, but a whole experience. 

What make them so special?

Our passion, knowledge and creativity, which is translated into our creations.


We are committed in producing sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment.


Guided by sustainability and Eco-Friendly principles, our products are hand-crafted using the finest and highest quality plant-based wax, (pure coconut wax and in some creations olive wax), with unique fragrances delivering a long-lasting, great-smelling, complemented by a wooden wick providing an amazing crackling sound and unique burn, always creating the perfect ambience.

Our Ethos

Nothing should go to waste, so you can always re-use our creations.

Mini Candles
Wealden Times Summer

Some of our achievements

Winners of the best stand at the Wealden Times Mid-Summer fair, in 2022 two awards in 2023. Going from one strength to another, we could not be prouder on everything that happened since our start.


During this journey we do make exclusive candles for well-known UK brands. and have products travelling around the world, magazine features, are only a few examples of our achievements,.


We proud ourselves for putting a lot of passion in our creations and is difficult to put in words everything we have done and achieved in a such of a short time.

Our candles (and other creations) are becoming international and making their way to:

 Japan |Israel|Taiwan|USA|Singapore|Brazil|


|South Africa|Australia|Philippines|

New Zealand|Spain|Portugal|Venezuela|

Saudi Arabia

...and others

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