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Our destinations since 2022...

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

There are many incredible destinations to visit around the world, each with their own unique culture, history, and landmarks, offering its own unique experiences and attractions, making it a great idea to plan a trip, and for this reason, we decided to bring a few of them

World Destinations

to our collection.

Over the months, we introduced so many, and we want to list all of the ones you can no longer get your "passport stamped". Maybe one day they will be re-introduced, who knows...

Shall we start?

In not a particular order...

Iguape - Brazil

A fruity explosion, a great choice for cheering up drab days. Vibrant, sweet, edible-smelling

Banana, pear, orange, lemon, lime and coconut.

Amazonia - Brazil

Amazonia Candle by Candle Wise
Amazonia by Candle Wise

A bevy of sweet berry smell from the succulent Acai Berries with hints of cherry plum and violet. Earthy & Tropical like the Amazon Forest.

Genipabu - Brazil

Genipabu Candle by Candle Wise
Genipabu by Candle Wise

Exotic & Fruity, the tropical jackfruit, pineapple and delicious apple combined with an alluring heart of jasmine, rose, and white florals, complemented by the soft warmth of sandalwood and musk.

Guapa - Spain

Guapa Candle by Candle Wise
Guapa by Candle Wise

A Spanish tradition.

This beautiful fresh & opulent fragrance has top notes of grape, orange, lemon, lime, and apple, followed by middle notes of pomegranate and blackberries, sitting on a dry down of sugar.

Boorangoora (Lake Mackenzie) - Australia

Boorangoora Candle by Candle Wise
Boorangoora by Candle Wise

Renewing, Spa feeling. Natural aroma generating a fresh modern and distinctive accord. Potent and warm with and a cleansing medicinal undertone. Fresh, woody, earthy and herbaceous.

Frontenac - Canada

Frontenac Candle by Candle Wise
Frontenac by Candle Wise

A Canadian staple!

This scent is extremely rich, complex, and long lasting. Enjoy the aroma of sweet, warm maple sugar and butter.

Looking back in time I can still remember how they smell...

We also had two other collections...Drinks in a Candle and Spa in a Candle, which will be a topic for another post.

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